New PTO Board Elected

Did you know that every Stony Lane parent and guardian is automatically a member of the Stony Lane PTO? Yes, you. 

So you are ALL invited to attend PTO meeting (generally held on a weekday evening in the Stony Lane library once a month). However, you do not HAVE to attend meetings! Perhaps the best way you can contribute is to attend PTO events with your children to help keep the Stony Lane community close and vibrant!

We’d like to say a special thank you to the 2013-2014 PTO board, who helped our children in a myriad of ways – school events, sponsoring field trips and buses, providing financial support for events for students who need help, working with Principal Ferrario and the faculty and staff, creating PTO bylaws, and more! Thank you for all your hard work and best of luck in your future endeavors.

At the June PTO meeting, new officers of the Board were elected as follows: 

President: Maria Leroux
Vice Presidents: Janine Patil, Rob Perry, and Kate Porter
Treasurers:  Alisha Harding and Lori McGrady
Secretaries:  Claudia Horlborgen and Kristen Martin
Members-At-Large:  Deb Danis, Denise Langfield, and Sarah Rosendale


If you are interested in getting involved or just learning more, please contact


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