Sad news – our beloved Ms. Lemoi has passed away

We were so sad on Thursday to learn that our wonderful kindergarten teacher of many years, Mrs. Lemoi, had passed away. Dr. Auger wrote:

I am sad to inform you that Stony Lane and Hamilton kindergarten teacher, Pam Lemoi, has passed away today after a battle with cancer. Mrs. Lemoi has taught Kindergarten in the North Kingstown School Department since 2002.  She has been an exemplary teacher in all regards and an outstanding friend to all who know her.  In 2011, Mrs. Lemoi was named North Kingstown Teacher of the Year.  It is hard to think of a teacher who has done more for the good of any school community.

Photo: Michael Derr

Photo: Michael Derr

The compassion, dedication, and loving spirit Ms. Lemoi showed for her students and vocation was heartwarming and unmistakable. The same can be said about the Stony Lane families – the outpouring of sentiment and desire to help Ms. Lemoi’s family has been magnanimous. There have been many great suggestions on how to provide this help, which we are compiling as best we can, so that our display of love and support is maximized and satisfies the wishes of as many supporters as possible. We hope to have more information for you by the middle of this week. Thank you for your patience!

Please join us in brainstorming ideas on how to creatively compile special memories/quotes/pictures for Ms. Lemoi’s three daughters. If you have anything you would like to share, please feel free to do so in the comments below, or by emailing

Also, if you or your children would like to drop off notes or pictures for Mrs. Lemoi’s daughters and to remember and honor her, we will have a table at HarvestFest next Friday. We will do our best to compile them and share them with her family in a thoughtful way.

Honored to be part of this wonderful Stony Community,
The Stony Lane PTO Board

Here’s one assignment from a young student named Ryan that probably best says what we all feel:


And a few memories from Mrs. Lemoi herself:

Mrs.Lemoi Mrs.Lemoi1


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