Take 20 Seconds to Vote for Evan!

It isn’t every day that a Stony Lane Student has a chance to win a national competition, but today is that day!

Evan N

Please take 20 seconds out of your day to vote for Evan, a 4th grader from Mrs. Fairbanks & Mrs. Mather’s class, for the Artsonia “Artist of the Week!” If he wins, Stony will get a $100 gift certificate, and Evan will win a $50 gift certificate.

Evan is a fun kid who likes everything creative, whether it’s art, music, drama, or making anything out of mud or wood in the backyard. He also loves snakes and noise, and is a great brother and a good friend.


Thank you to Mrs. Carlton for helping all of our students create such fun and beautiful art, and for parent volunteer Rob Anastasi for helping to upload our children’s artwork to Artsonia! It’s a great way to support your child while supporting Stony Lane, who receives 20% of the proceeds from sales! I’m seeing some great holiday gifts in your future…  


What do you think?

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