This week at Stony: Mrs. LaLonde wins a Pizza Party; Purchase your Mrs. Lemoi Tshirts Today!

Great job, Stony Lane! We far surpassed our  goal of $1,500 with a total over $2,045! Just in this final third week alone we raised $1,384. A few of the classes raised an amazing amount of money this past week including Mrs. LaLonde, Mrs. Demos PM class, Mrs. Souza, and Mrs. Neronha.

pizza-partyCongratulations to Mrs. LaLonde’s class – you are the top fundraisers and the winner of the class pizza party! Mrs. LaLonde’s class raised a total of $351.91. 

As a result of our much higher than anticipated fundraising total, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society automatically includes our school in the following contests:
  • The top 5 fundraising schools receive a school-wide Ice Cream Party.
  • The top 20 fundraising schools receive Plaques & Gift Cards.leukemia
  • Schools raising $2,015+ are entered into a Raffle to win an iPad or Chromebook.
  • The School with the highest ONLINE Fundraising receives a gift card.
Go Stony Lane!!! We’re so proud of our students, staff and families for their thoughtful and generous donations over the past three weeks. All of these donations will go directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help children with blood diseases.

One week left to purchase your tshirts in memory of Pam Lemoi – proceeds will benefit the Pam Lemoi Scholarship Fund. We’ve sold 219 shirts already – don’t miss out! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOURS!


Help us remember this wonderful woman and all of the work she has done for our children. We miss you, Mrs. Lemoi!PamLemoi


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