Tomorrow is Reading Week Voting Day! See what your kids have been up to….

Have you ever wondered what really goes on during reading week at Stony? Wonder no more!

Reading Week Theme: Be a Hero, Read!
Wednesday, April 1st-Thursday, April 9, 2015

reading week

Wednesday, April 1st: Reading Week Kick-Off Assembly, 3:00 for the whole school

Thursday, April 2nd: Read Book 1 for Stony Lane Book Award

Monday, April 6th: Drop Everything and Write Scroll

  • Each classroom will add 2-3 sentences to a whole school story scroll, beginning in PM K on Thursday, then AM K on Monday, then 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. The scroll will be read over the morning announcements on Wednesday, April 6th, then displayed in a case in the front office hallway. (Classrooms will be listed next to their corresponding sentences.)
  • Read Book 2 for Stony Lane Book Award.

Tuesday, April 7th: Author Anika Denise and her husband, Illustrator Christopher Denise,  visit for the whole day.

aaa      aaa1

  • READ Everywhere You Look Day, Whole School: Students can wear clothing with appropriate words for this day. (No hats, please.)
  • Read Book 3 for Stony Lane Book Award.

Wednesday, April 8th:

  • Guest Reader Day, Classroom Teachers:  Teachers will read to a classroom in a lower grade level: 5-4, 4-3, 3-2, 2-1,1-K. Teachers may choose to have their guest reader read the Stony Lane Book Award book of the day OR a different book. Times TBA by classroom teachers.
  • Poetry Day, Voluntary:  Students may volunteer to write and submit poems in the office today, to be read over the announcements.
  • Read Book 4 for Stony Lane Book Award.

Thursday, April 9th:

  • Read Book 5 for Stony Lane Book Award.
  • Campaign Button Day, Whole School, for Stony Lane Book Award.

Friday, April 10th:  Voting Day, whole school, for Stony Lane Book Award!


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Reading Week Voting Day! See what your kids have been up to….

  1. Jack is having the best week! He told us all about the author & illustrator visit and today, he came home and drew the covers of each book being voted on and made us vote for our favorite ones as a family.

    • Megan, that is adorable! I know my Jackson keeps talking about it too, and made me read the books with him so he could tell me all the secrets they learned. Both he & Avery loved meeting the authors! Glad your son is enjoying it as well. 🙂 Stony is pretty awesome. -Kate

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