This Week at Stony: The Pamela Lemoi Playground Dedication, Teacher Appreciation, Outdoor Garden, and more!


TOMORROW – Friday May 1, 2015 @ 2:30, Stony Lane Gymnasium
Welcome:  Mr. Ferrario
Students:  Sing “What A Wonderful World”
Dr. Auger: Comments
Students: Sing “A Song for Teachers” (Video)
Mrs. Patil: Words of Encouragement
Mrs. Patil: Time Lapse Video Reflection
Ms. Lemoi’s Family: Unveiling of the Playground Sign

Note: Everyone is encouraged to wear Ms. Lemoi T-Shirt/Sweatshirt and/or Stony Lane Spiritwear (or anything blue). Mrs. Lemoi rubber memory bracelets will be on sale for $2 each, so please bring/send in money. Proceeds from sales will support the Pamela Lemoi Scholarship Fund.


Stony Lane’s incredibly dedicated, talented, caring teachers are what made our school great and our students successful. Every year, the PTO spends one week trying to show them some small measure of our appreciation for all they do! We are still looking for a few parents to dedicate an hour or so to help wash the teachers’ cars. Click here to sign up!



Before April break, the third graders received their cabbage plants! Tammy Sironen did a great job with an interactive sharing of how to grow and care for the cabbage plant. Parent volunteers and students measured, dug in the dirt together, and explored a lot of great questions!  The 3rd grade cabbage program sponsored by Bonnie Plants, gives each child a free cabbage plant for them to plant at home and track the growth between now and the start of school in September. Each student that submits a photo and measurements of their cabbage has a chance to win a $1000 scholarship! Fiona Chang won the 2014 scholarship award recently at a school-wide ceremony, so the excitement and energy level was very high.  Good luck third graders!



What did the carrot say to the wheat?
“Lettuce rest, I’m feeling beet.”  –  Shel Silverstein

Our first vegetable seeds, Peas, went into the ground Early April with the help of our Kindergarten students. Our planting method of seed strips provides a great math lesson. The students, using the instructions on the pea packets, measure and mark every 2 (Tammy – or 3?) inches on a newspaper strip. Using the end of a paintbrush, the students place one water/flour paste ‘blob’ on each mark. Finally, one seed is placed in the blob.  Once the paste is dry, the students, plants their strip into the garden. Since germination is about 10 days, we should start to see some sprouts with an expected harvest early to mid-June. All of our harvest will be donated to DMS blessings in a backpack or the NK food pantry. Thank you Kindergarteners for making a difference!

The committee will be working hard in the next few weeks to ready the beds and getting the surrounding flower beds spruced up. Schartner Farms, a great partner for the outdoor classroom, donated a huge pile of compost. We have big plans to move and rebuild some beds to capitalize on our sunniest spots.  We welcome anyone who wants to pitch in to help; there is plenty to do.  No need to have a green thumb, just a love for the outdoors.  We have a lot of fun and work with all grades to bring the classroom outdoors!

Upcoming student enrichment:

1st and 2nd grade – TBD
3rd grade plant parts and Pollination
4th grade – Three sisters garden and fruit batteries
5th grade – learning volume through garden design and maintenance




As our student teachers prepare to depart for this year, we want to thank them for their hard work and dedication to our students! We are proud to have had you educating our children; you will always be a part of the Stony Family! Best of luck in all you do!thankyou

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