Pictures from Extreme Biker/Anti-bullying Assembly! BONUS: PTO Meeting Agenda!

Our first Stony Lane Assembly of 2015-2016 was a resounding success!

Multi-time National Champion Mike Steidley is one of the most accomplished and prolific Stunt Riders in North America.  His accolades include 12 National Championship titles, 16 Regional Championships, and representing the USA on 7 World Championship teams.  Mr. Steidley provided an Extreme Bike Stunt Show Assembly today and included powerful messages to our students, including topics such as self esteem, anti bullying, kindness and confidence.  Steidley’s mission was to inspire our students to stay positive and follow their passion.  He relayed the message of “obstacles of life” while negotiating his own ramp and obstacles.

We hope to see you all at the first PTO General Meeting!

PTO General Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, September 23 at 7pm in the Stony Lane Library

1. Call to Order / Welcome

2. Principal’s Report

3. Teacher’s Updates and Requests

4. Treasurer Update

5. Event Updates

• Back to School BBQ

• Harvest Fest

• Social Fundraiser, March 18th

6. Voting Items

• Annual Operating Budget

• Lemoi Scholarship ByLaws

• New Camera for Mrs. Lynch

• Two (2) moveable walls for arts nights

7. Update on Changing School Start Times

8. Parent Suggestions / Comments


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