Friendly reminders – VERY IMPORTANT!

A few friendly reminders as we close out the first month of the school year:

  • PARENTS VISITING SCHOOL PROTOCOL: parents who come into Stony Lane School MUST (1) sign in and (2) go to the front office to check in with the secretaries. This is a safety procedure and is required for ALL parents and visitors, even if you have an appointment to go to a classroom.
  • FILL OUT ALL SCHOOL FORMS: please, please fill out the necessary school forms – either online or a paper version. We learned that all the schools in the district are working hard to streamline the system and we understand it might have been a little bit difficult this time around. All the secretaries and staff are putting in enormous amounts of work to make the best of a difficult situation, and they really appreciate us all helping them out! Find the forms here and use this checklist of necessary forms to cross-check:  


  • Student Emergency Information
  • Student Health Information Card
  • Release of Students From School Form
  • LINKS Volunteer Sign-Up Form
  • PTO Volunteer Sign-Up Form
  • PTO Directory Release Form
  • BCI Consent Form (one per parent/guardian) Note: The BCI Consent From and all necessary documentation/payment need to be mailed DIRECTLY to the Attorney General’s office, NOT to the school.

Please note that these forms will directly impact your children – for instance, we only have about 100 out of 400 “Directory Release Forms.” If we don’t have your children’s info, they won’t be in the school directory, which means other parents won’t be able to reach you, which means fewer playdates and birthday party invites for everyone.

Don’t make your child like this sad kitty; fill out the forms and let’s party!



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