This Week at Stony: Omnikin Sports Workshops, Grade 3 Field Trip & more!



**Please send in all basket raffle donations by this Thursday, March 31**


On the calendar this week:

  • March 28-April 1: 5th week of HBHM AM classes
  • Monday, March 28: Dance Club after school
  • Tuesday, March 29: Grade 3 field trip planning session (2-3pm)
  • Wednesday, March 30: Grade 3 field trip to Stop & Shop/Food Pantry (10am-1pm)
  • Thursday, March 31: Omnikin Sports Workshops/Assemblies
  • Friday, April 1: Kindergarten Pea Planting & Reading Week Kick Off Assembly (3pm)

Upcoming this month:

  • April 7: Cupcake Social/Arts Showcase/Book Fair/Basket Raffle Winners Announced (6-8pm)
  • April 8: Talent Show at NKHS

Have a great week!



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