Please Support the School Budget: Action Required

On Monday, the letter posted below in support of the school budget will be sent to the Town Council. Any cuts that will be made will likely have a direct impact on Stony Lane. DreamBox has been extended until the end of May however any further decisions about a purchase will depend on the budget the town approves for the school department.  In order for this letter to be effective, we need as many signatures as possible. If you are interested in showing your support, please email your name (and spouse’s name, if possible) and address to Christine: This will be a public document once it is submitted to the Town Council. Thank you in advance for your support!

Hon. Kerry McKay

North Kingstown Town Council
80 Boston Neck Road
North Kingstown, RI 02852

Dear President McKay:

The undersigned citizens are in agreement with the letter from Parents and Former of the NK Boys High School hockey team, provided to you in support of the School Department’s budget request. North Kingstown schools are generally high performing, but if we want to continue to meet, and even hopefully exceed, past levels of achievement for our kids, appropriate funding is necessary. We understand that there are many financial demands facing the town, but the education of our children needs to remain a top priority. High performing schools are a draw for new residents, foster community pride and involvement, and favorably impact property values. The budget the school department submitted is in line with the necessities our schools require to maintain building and grounds, quality teachers and staff, which North Kingstown is lucky to have, necessary curriculum and technology programs, and sports and academic teams. The school budget approved by the School Committee is what is required; less will require cuts. This budget does not even contain any monies for change in school start times because there are too many other competing needs. Parents are always concerned about adequate staffing levels in our schools and for now, the collective consensus is that school start time changes are not financially feasible at this time. The School Committee already combed over the budget and it includes what is required for our children and our schools. Recently, many parents have advocated for the purchase of additional technology programs to support the 1:1 devices in which the district has appropriately invested. These programs are constantly changing and though they may be costly, they provide a great opportunity to provide necessary learning tool for all kids, whether they require additional instruction, are on track, or require access to materials beyond current grade level.
With your support, our schools will continue to be a source of pride for North Kingstown.


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