This Week at Stony: Anti-bullying Assembly, BBQ Pics & more!

Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped at the Back to School BBQ for set-up, check in, photo booth area and clean up; and for the donations to the NK Food Pantry.  There were over 500 guests in attendance!

On the calendar this week:

  • Monday, September 19: Cabbage plant project flyers will go home to all 4th graders (please submit your picture and form by Sept 23rd)
  • Tuesday, September 20: Anti-bullying assembly by Tim Charron


Upcoming this month:

  • Wednesday, September 28: PTO Meeting, 7 pm (in Stony library)



Open house dates:
Grades 3-5 : 10/13 at 6:30
Grades K-2 : 10/20 at 6:30

Back to School BBQ Pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a great week!


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