Reading Week Information and SLU Update

During our Reading Week, March 31 – April 7, we will have an assembly by a local author, Mary Jane Begin. If you are interested in purchasing any of her books, the order form is below. Mary Jane will be glad to sign any purchased books. All orders are due by March 17th. (send order form and check, payable to Mary Jane Begin, to school labeled “Author Assembly Book Order”). All book orders will be delivered to students on April 5th (the day of the assembly).

Book Order Form

Mary Jane Begin Book Titles

Signature Form

**Stony Lane University Update**

There are still a few open spots in the following SLU classes:

Monday – B. Stack Up (K-5) D. Hip Hop(K-5) E. Art (K-2)
Tuesday – I. Comet (K-5) J.Chemistry (K-3)
Wednesday – M. Weather (2-5) O. Art (3-5)
Thursday – S. Gears ((2-5)
Friday – W. Sound (K-5), X. Magic (3-5) Y. Karate (k-5) Z. Sharks (3-5)

Please email if you’d like to sign your child up for any of these classes. Thanks!



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