Holiday Shop Schedule and Weekly Reminders

Listed below are the days and times that each class will be visiting the Sugar Plum Shoppe at Stony this week. If your child is interested in purchasing gifts, please help them fill out the special budget envelope that was sent home and remember to have them bring it in on the appropriate day. Prices range from $.25 to $10.00. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help run the shop, please contact Jenni Hoskins at

Monday, December 11
9:45 Burke
10:05 Cahir
10:25 Gemma
10:45 Cameron
11:05 Huntsman
11:25 Mirandou
11:45 Marshall

Wednesday, December 13
9:45 Souza
10:05 Longtin
10:25 Walsh
10:45 Henault
11:05 LaLonde
11:25 Fairbanks
11:45 Craig

Thursday, December 14
9:45 Demos
10:05 Porter
10:25 Maybach
10:45 Skaggs
11:25 Neronha

** The Sugar Plum Shoppe will also be open Friday, 12/15 from 9:35- 12:00 for students to purchase gifts.**

On the calendar this week:

**This is the final week for the Fall session of Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds**

  • Tuesday, December 12: Stony Lane Spelling Bee, 10am & NK After School Rollerskating Field Trip 3:45pm-7:30pm.
  • Friday, December 15: Grade 4 Field Trip to PPAC to see The Nutcracker, 9:15am-1pm & Grade 5 Celebration of the First People, 2pm (parents welcome).

Have a great week!


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