Sweetheart Dance Update

Updates for all those attending the Sweetheart Dance:

*We have 300+ people attending the dance!
*Unlike the Back to school BBQ and Harvest Festival which are events open to all Stony Lane family members, the Sweetheart dance is limited to current Stony Lane students and escorting parents. Unfortunately we won’t be able to accommodate older and younger siblings at this event….only the sweetheart couples. If this guideline presents a conflict, a full refund will be issued.
*Please plan on utilizing the the blacktop portion of the playground (behind the school), the front fields and parking lot for viable parking spots. (We are NOT allowed to park on the main street. )
*Remember to bring your photography flyer to the dance; please make all checks for pictures payable to: Bernard Photography (photos will be delivered to school approximately 3 weeks after the dance)
*Professional Photographer, Dancing, Light Refreshments, Raffles and Fun…creating special memories with your loved ones !
*Thank you for supporting the first ever Sweetheart Dance at Stony Lane !

Photographer Packages Flyer



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