What is the Stony Lane Glows West! Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Run Program?

Stony Lane Families,

We will be “officially” kicking off our Stony Lane Glows West! Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Run Program with our students on Tuesday with a pep rally!  We have posted and emailed many “teasers” about the program, but we know many of you still have questions about what this is all about. Let us explain!

The Stony Lane PTO has enlisted the help of a fundraising company called Booster to help us run our BIG, ANNUAL FUNDRAISER this year.  The PTO and Booster team members, using Booster’s tried-and-true resources, facilitate this 7-day program. It includes character-building lessons at lunchtime through videos featuring kids in STEAM-infused situations that emphasize the traits of honesty, gratitude, generosity, kindness and humility.  In order to reach our financial target, we’ve teamed up with Booster to set goals for students, classes, grades and the entire school to reach, with small prizes given away as incentives. For instance, if Stony Lane collectively:

Gets 75% of its students to register on FUNRUN.com – all students earn an extra recess!

Gets a donation from all 50 states – Ms. Hitchener will ride around Stony Lane on a tricycle singing the 50 States song!

Reach our $17,000 fundraising goal – all students earn a PJs, Popcorn, & Movie Day!

Finally, our program culminates with a glow-in-the-dark fun run during school on Friday, February 21.  Students will be allowed, by grade, to run as many laps as they can.  Each lap will be recorded on their FREE Stony Lane Glows West! lap-marking t-shirt that they’ll receive on the day of the fun run. 

So, what can you do to make this fundraiser a success?  Be on the look-out for a pledge packet coming home on Tuesday afternoon and:

·      Please register your student on funrun.com!  No financial obligation required.

·      Create a Student Star Video and share with friends and family via texts, email, Facebook, etc! 

·      We are asking for Stony Lane families and friends to gather either flat donations or pledges per lap.  Your students can run as many laps as they can in about 30 minutes, however, no more than 35 laps will be recorded for the purposes of pledge collection!

·      Starting Wednesday, ask your child which character trait he or she learned out at lunchtime!

We realize not all students will be able to contribute financially, nor will all students want or can participate in the fun run.  There are lots of ways, like just simply LOGGING ON that will earn your student prizes, and all students get to participate, in one way or another, during the fun run.  We’ll be sure everyone has a role in this great event!

If you have any other questions, please reach out to Bethany Sullivan, PTO President, at stonylanepto@gmail.com.  Thank you in advance for your support!

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