Stony Lane Glows West! Fun Run Update!

Wednesday was WACKY! Astro Aly and Zephry from the Booster team got to meet so many of the awesome students and, with the help of Molly Math, learned all about HONESTY by doing the right thing even when it’s hard!

Music at morning and afternoon carlines seemed to be just what the doctor ordered as we partied hard with the students

!Don’t forget–register your student on! No financial obligation required.

So far, we have pledges from:

States: 11

Countries: 2 (USA, Canada)

Registration %: 31% of Stony Students

Pledged%: 16% of Stony Students have pledges

Day 1 (Wednesday) challenge was:** If we reach 65% of students logging in, Astro Aly will wear an animal onesie all day!** Any student who logs onto fun will be entered into a raffle for a mystery bonus prize!

Day 2 (Thursday) is:** Any student who gets a pledge of $2 per lap OR $60 flat donation today will get a weekend bonus prize** The top pledging class will get to duct tape Astro Aly!

What do you think?

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