PTO Volunteers Needed!

Hi, Stony Families!

The countdown to the end of the school year is ON!  Weather is summer-like and the itch to be done is there…but before we say goodbye to the school year 2021-2022, let’s look forward to 2022-2023!  

For those that remember “pre-COVID” Stony Lane, we hope this year was a little more like you remember.  We are now looking forward to an even better 22/23. In anticipation of next year, WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Can you lend some of your time and talents, and lead the way as a coordinator or co-coordinator next year? Not quite ready to take on an event but willing to work with another? Then put your name in for a CO coordinator spot. If we all do a little, no one person has to do a lot! Our current needs are for the following Coordinator roles for next school year.  Please remember, we also recruit for additional volunteers for the event/activity “committee”, so most events come with an “army” of ready and willing parents to help you!  Both the Color Run and Harvest Festival had over 40 hard working volunteers. And, as always, the PTO Board is there to help and guide throughout your journey.  

We can’t wait to see what next year brings!

We are also seeking a treasurer for 22/23 school year. Please  reach out to Jen Niedzwiadek with your questions or interest! 


TREASURER – Ongoing throughout the year 

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial aspect of the PTO such as:

  • Drafting, managing and report the financial performance to the PTO Board
  • Managing the PTO relationship with Webster Bank
  • Purchasing insurance  and creating insurance certificates for events 
  • Managing the cash boxes used for events
  • Writing checks and balancing the books 
  • Managing the PayPal account and Clover payment scanning system 
  • Coordinating the Annual Gift Campaign 
  • Receiving, recording receipts, and depositing them
  • Organizing the annual internal audit/Submit the tax filing (electronic) 




Last year’s coordinator is available to help out but cannot put forth as much effort as this event takes so we are looking for a co-coordinator to help pull this beloved, well-attended event together! Requires booking various vendors and food trucks; assembling volunteers for decorating, handing out treats, running games, and cleaning up. Also coordinates with PE Teachers to set up/break down Jack o Lantern Walk on walking trail. Sounds like a lot, but there is already a ton in place. 

FAMILY FUN RUN – Fall or May

This event can be done in lots of ways as a ‘fun run’ of the coordinator’s choice, fundraiser or not. This year we did the Color Run and Emily and Jen have a great amount of information to pass along.  Does require planning, sponsorship if it’s a fundraiser, and parent volunteer coordination for the day of the event.


HOSPITALITY – Various Events Throughout the Year

Order and deliver teacher luncheon at the end of August; Organize committee to bake/buy treats, as well as ask for additional treats/supplies for events like Harvest Fest, Cupcake Social, Teacher Appreciation Week; Organize volunteers to set up/pass out treats/clean up at said events.


Entails planning a week of food, raffles, gifts, activities, student projects, etc.  Works with hospitality to get food and volunteers. Significant planning/time, however this years crew was amazing and I think they will be around again next year.


No checklist for this; usually a 5th grade parent(s) organizing the activities/treats for the 5th grade “fun day” during school; also includes other things like a 5th grade slideshow of pictures, things that support the parent attending 5th grade promotion.


HEALTHY BODIES, HEALTHY MINDS – Fall and Winter for a 6-week session

Requires obtaining instructors for each session; printing and distributing flyers; coordination of forms and payment collection; coordination of classes, classroom space, and parent communication

OUTDOOR CLASSROOM – Ongoing Throughout the Year

We are looking for a co-coordinator and/or a group of people to break into various roles and responsibilities Current ideas are: Planning the garden or planning the outdoor classroom activities and curriculum, irrigation guru, fence and animal resistance maintenance and more. A Maintenance person or handyman would be ideal. This person can work when they have time.

STEAM DAY – One in-school day in May

This event has come and gone over the years, as well as taken on a couple of formats.  The teachers and kids, alike, miss it and welcome it back!  Engineers and artists – put on your creativity hats and design some awesome learning stations for the day! Teachers have been asking about setting up stations for students to work through which requires many parent volunteers.  Usually requires coming up with a few STEAM activities and getting supplies (or try to get them donated by Home Depot, etc) and splitting up supplies for classes and using parent volunteers to run “stations” with each activity for all students throughout the day

STEAM CLUB – Ongoing or a set session

Stony Lane has not done a STEAM club yet, but there is interest!  Clubs are usually done right after school and require parent oversight to select activities and supplies and coordinate parent volunteers, if needed

BOOK CLUB – Ongoing or a set session

Work with the librarian to select books and moderate this after-school club!

BCI Facilitator and notaries-Summer and Open House

Looking for a helper to facilitate the BCI process and notaries at different events over the summer and at the beginning of the year. 


Work with the front office to show off the students birthday’s monthly.


What do you think?

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