PTO Meeting – Thursday, November 10th @7pm

Please join the PTO for the 2nd general PTO meeting this THURSDAY, November 10 at 7 pm in the Stony Lane library. We plan to discuss what we have implemented from the first meeting, upcoming events, fundraising needs, and volunteer opportunities. 

1. Call to Order/Welcome

2. Principal’s Report

3. Teachers’ Updates and Requests

a. Field trips

b. PE Womens b-ball?

4. President’s Report

We have been working on implementing all of the ideas that were talked about at the last general PTO meeting. “Penny Wars” is in the stage of how it will work in the classrooms. And what the volunteers will need to do in order to run smoothly. Who will benefit from this fundraising and how can we reward the classroom. We are also getting gloves and hats to sell at the school store as a representation of spiritwear. As per our last meeting we discussed how to help out the families in our school community. Some students received assistance with the book fair and Harvest festival and the School store will now offer a “pay it forward” option where families can donate the change from their order to help assist families who want to participate in the school store.

5. Treasurer’s Report

a. Sept & Oct Financials

b. Year to date Budget VS Actual

6. Review of the ongoings

a. Fundraisers:

i. Annual gift campaign $1000. About $3000 shy of the budget and previous years numbers.

ii. Comedy show and live auction, Feb 4. What did you like about last year’s show? What could have been better? Ideas to raise funds?

b. Recent events

Harvest Festival and book fair. Both record sales and record attendance. Both events were fun and smooth. Any feedback? What did you see that was great or not so great?

c. Upcoming Events

iii. 2nd restaurant night at Texas Roadhouse

iv. Penny Wars

v. School dance-Looking for volunteers for day of and night before for decorating and some behind the scenes help. We are also looking for someone who is interested in coordinating this event next year.

vi. HBHM- Working! Yay. I have 4 programs. We are looking for a few more. If you know of anyone who is interested in providing a HBHM program please send me the lead. We are open to ideas, programs in the past included: Spanish, theater, robotics, etc. For more information

7. Parents’ Questions and Suggestions



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