Stony Color Run – Friday, April 21st

Hello Stony Lane Families,

    Friday the 21st is Color Run! Yay! Last year we had a blast and we are excited to bring this fun event back to Stony Lane! If you have signed up via Google Forms you still need to send the waiver and payment in. You cannot participate if you do not have a signed waiver so please send it as soon as possible. 

A few reminders about the run:

            *Registered runners can be dismissed from school to the color run. Please fill out the dismissal form for Friday.

                    ** Students will be released to the gym to check-in. After they receive their gear they will head out to the blacktop for some pre-party dance and warm-up.

            *Parents/siblings who are participating in the race can check in and pick up their gear at the back of the gym by door C4 starting at 3:35

                    **You will then walk over to the blacktop to meet your child and do some pre-party warm-ups.

            *Anyone watching the run can use the gate side entrance near the garden and come to the blacktop or line the race around the building starting at 3:45

                    ** The race will start in the back of the school but will go around the building. There are two new color stations in the front this year.

     *Plan to be messy. Send your child to school in clothes and sneakers that can get stained. (For the most part, the powder does wash out) We will have leaf blowers to help clean up your child after the race. Maybe bring a towel for them to sit on for the ride home. 

This is a fun event, please consider volunteering. 2023 Stony Lane Color Run


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