Arts & Laughs Comedy Night

THANK YOU to all who attended, donated, volunteered, purchased items, and otherwise supported the Arts & Laughs Fundraiser at the Quonset ‘O’ Club.

Together, we raised $7,455 to help purchase necessary science and math teaching materials for our students!

We are so grateful to the teachers and Stony Lane staff who came to support the event, to the parents and supporters who bid on the wonderful items, to the committee that put the event together, and of course to our students who created the beautiful art that helped make the event a success! Thank you also to Funny 4 Funds for their hilarious entertainment, and congratulations on raising $1,000,000 for area organizations in their first 18 months! Thank you also to the Quonset ‘O’ Club for their hospitality, and to Kohls volunteers for again supporting our school. It was a great night, and we hope you enjoyed it!



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