Stony Lane Glossary

Sometimes we hear our child or other parents talking about something at Stony Lane and think to ourselves “what in the heck are they talking about?!” No need to worry – the Stony Lane Glossary has your back. Here are some frequently-used Stony terms:

504 Plan – an education plan that specifically addresses accommodations for student’s disabilities.

A+ Stop & Shop Program – register your Stop & Shop card and earn money for Stony Lane; funds go directly to the school.

AIMSWEB – A web based assessment, data management, and reporting system that provides the framework for Response to Intervention (RTI) and multi-tiered instruction. As of the 2014-2015 school year, this will be for Kindergarten only.

Accelerated Reader – a progress monitoring software system from Renaissance Learning that offers tools to motivate and accelerate student reading skills.

Ambassadors (5th Grade Leadership Program) – A program that provides social and emotional support and promotes empathy among students. 5th Grade Students are nominated by their teachers and are given training to serve as ambassadors. The program is run by Mrs. Schnack. Ambassadors work with the school climate team to: 1. Act as positive role models for the rest of the student body; 2. Meet and discuss bullying in and around the school with the team; 3. Work on specific projects with students and staff to promote awareness and to improve school climate. Project examples include assemblies, drafting correspondence to administration, delivery of classroom lessons to younger children, and helping to create safety initiatives.

APEAdaptive Physical Education

Artsonia – an online art based-fundraising program. Students’ artwork is downloaded to Artsonia’s website and may be turned into a variety of keepsakes. A portion of the item’s price goes to the PTO and a portion returned for Stony Lane Art supplies.

Backpack Mail – notices sent home to students via their take home folders.

BCI Check (Bureau of Criminal Identification) – a state criminal background check conducted by the Department of the Attorney General. Rhode Island State Law requires a BCI check all school volunteers. If you have lived in Rhode Island less than one year, a National BCI check is required. More information on how to undergo a check can be found at:!forms/c1mv1.

Bucket Filler – a program to encourage positive behavior and sense of community in students. Based on the book Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? by Carole McCloud, students are acknowledged for acts of kindness, appreciation and cooperation.

C.A.R.E. (Compassion, Action Control, Respect, Effort) – the guiding principles at Stony Lane.

Cash for Causes – a Stop & Shop fundraising program sponsored by the PTO. Gift cards are available for purchase from the PTO and earn a percentage of the card’s face value.

CCSS (Common Core State Standards) – standards determined by the Rhode Island Department of Education in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics.

Cultural Arts – PTO sponsored assemblies, guest speakers or programs for students that occur during the school. Recent topics have included anti-bullying, visiting authors, green living and festive celebrations.

DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) – an assessment that gives teachers information on student`s strengths and weaknesses as a reader. Many school systems use DRA`s to makes sure reading level is appropriate to student`s comprehension level.

EI (Early Intervention) – a system of coordinated services that promotes the needs of a child with developmental delays and supports the families during the critical early years.

F & P (Fountas and Pinnel reading assessment) – a benchmark assessment system that links literacy assessments to instruction.

Enrichment Programs – before- or after-school classes sponsored by the PTO and led by local businesses, community members or parents. Recent classes have included introductory karate, soccer clinics, children’s yoga and hip hop.

Family Fun – events for the whole family, not just Stony Lane students. Examples include Harvest Fest, Roller-skating, and Pizza Bingo.

Field Day – a fun-filled day in June led by the Physical Education staff that features games and competitions within each grade. The day in divided into two sessions, and stations are led by 5th graders. Students also receive a Field Day shirt that they are allowed to color and sign.

Fun Flyers – information of coming events in and around North Kingstown provided by the Superintendent’s office.

Harvest Festival – an evening family fun event with an autumn theme sponsored and run by the PTO. Stations include a hay ride, pumpkin walk, crafts and treats – there may even be some spooky visits from teachers!

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Programs – Before or after school classes sponsored by the PTO and led by local businesses, community members or parents. Recent classes have included introductory karate, soccer clinics, children’s yoga and hip hop.

Jump Rope for Heart – an annual fundraiser for the American Heart Association, led by the Physical Education staff. Each year one week of PE classes is dedicated to this cause for which students earn money for jumping rope. Stony Lane has been one of the top-earning schools in Rhode Island year after year!

JumpStart – a morning enrichment program led by Mrs. Perkins for grades 3-5. Students learn a variety of jumping games including double dutch, partner jumping, and pogo stick jumping. Classes meet for 6 week sessions several times during the year culminating with an end of the year performance.

LEXIA Reading Core5 – Lexia Reading Core5 provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the six areas of reading instruction, and delivers norm-referenced performance data and analysis without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test. Designed specifically to meet the Common Core and state standards, this research-proven, technology-based approach accelerates reading skills development, predicts students’ year-end performance and provides teachers data-driven action plans to help differentiate instruction.

LINKS (Laymen In North Kingstown) – a non-profit organization that recruits, trains, places, and supports parent, community, and business volunteers to enhance the educational experience of all students in the North Kingstown Public Schools.  If you are interested and would like more information please contact Jennifer Gormley at LINKS, or Stony Lane LINKS coordinator Claudia Horlbogen.
Listserv – the weekly email notice to parents provided by each individual school. Must subscribe to receive.
NECAP (New England Common Assessment Program) (generally pronounced “knee cap”)  – assessment program that includes a series of reading, writing, mathematics and science achievement tests that are administered annually designed for educators to make informed decisions about student instructional needs.
NWEA (North West Evaluation Association) – a non-profit organization committed to helping school districts throughout the nation improve learning for all students. The program offers a range of Common Core aligned assessments.
Open Circle Program – A leading provider of evidence-based curriculum and professional development for social and emotional learning in elementary schools. The program promotes the development safe, caring and respectful learning communities for students and adults.
Outdoor Classroom – an outdoor area on the side of the school yard that includes garden beds and benches. Several times a year, instruction on nature-related subjects, based on each class’s curriculum, takes place in this area. Vegetables are also planted/grown by the students and donated to the NK Food Pantry.PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) – a 23 state consortium focused on standardized K-12 assessments in Math and English.

Pink Slip – A communication program implemented to inform families when their student is not demonstrating expected behavior.

PLP (Personal Literacy Plan) – a plan of action used to accelerate a student`s learning in order to move toward grade level reading proficiency.

PTRC (Parent Teacher Resource Center) – a LINKS sponsored program located in the LINKS office at Davisville Elementary. The center offers die-cast letters, poster boards and laminating; a mobile center will visit for Science Fair board assembly.

R-CBM (Reading Curriculum Based Measure) – an assessment of reading fluency for Aimsweb.

RTI (Response to Intervention) – a method of academic intervention used to provide early, systematic assistance to children who are having difficulty learning.

Reading Buddies – a program in which students from older grades are paired up with students of younger grades to read to each other, share interests, and encourage each other on their literacy path.

Reading Week – a week-long series of activities that coincides with International Reading Week and aims to promote the love for reading. Highlights of the week are a guest/author visit and the voting for the Stony Lane Book Award which includes Campaign Button Day and official ballot-sheet voting.

SAC (School Advisory Committee) – committee of teachers and parents led by the Principal whose goal is to improve the overall experiences of students at Stony Lane.

Safety Patrol (5th Grade Leadership Role) – School Safety Patrol Officers assist staff during the morning hours to: 1. Monitor student’s safety off bus and during drop off in parking lot; 2. Walk students in to school or to recess area; 3. Supervise students on play equipment; 4. Enforce zero level and safety during walk to classes from the playground in the AM; 5. Help students who need assistance (i.e. walking kindergarten students to classroom or injured students to clinic)

Science Fair – a fun and educational opportunity for students in grades 4 and 5 to showcase their interest in science in a non-competitive way. Organized and led by 4th and 5th grade teachers and sponsored by the PTO, the Science Fair Expo Night is open to all!

Scholastic Book Fair – a semi-annual PTO-sponsored fundraiser where students and parents can purchase books at the school and online during designated times. The Spring Book Fair coincides with Reading Week and includes a special family fun evening event!

School Store – a fun, educational project run by 4th Graders and sponsored by the PTO. The School Store features kid-friendly items, all priced under $2 and are available for purchase during lunch/recess. Watch your calendars for specific dates!

SELAC (Special Education Local Advisory Committee) – an advocacy group that consists of parents, teachers, students support staff and other members of the community who are concerned with the education of students with special needs.

SIT (School Improvement Team) – a committee of teachers and parents led by the Principal focused on enhancing achievements for all students.

Spirit Days – special fun days on which students get to wear pajamas, crazy hair or favorite team shirts. Days are chosen by the school – watch your calendars!

Spiritwear – show that Stony Lane Spirit! Children and adult apparel, car magnets, and more that feature the Stony Lane name and/or logo and promote school spirit.

SLOs (Student Learning Objectives) – a targeted, long-term goal for advancing student learning.

SLU (Stony Lane University) – a week-long, after school enrichment program for students held in the spring. Classes are centered around a different theme each year and offer new experiences such as fencing, jewelry making or cooking. Class space is limited by instructors.

STAR – STAR Reading and STAR Math are the most widely used computer adaptive assessment in K-12 schools. The test is aligned to State Standards and linked to state standardized testing. It is a progress monitoring, computer-based screening and diagnostic assessment.

Theme Day – an all-day event (including Kindergarten) sponsored/run by the PTO. Fun/educational activities and presentations by volunteer parents and outside guests throughout the day center around a specific theme.

Three Sisters Garden – a portion of the Outdoor Classroom Garden planted and maintained by 4th grade students; it replicates gardens grown by Native American tribes and consists of corn, beans and squash. Past yields have been donated to Reach Out Center and the NK Food Pantry.

Voice Limits – as an Open Concept designed school, students and staff at Stony Lane follow an “acceptable noise” level program to promote a productive learning environment for all. Remember, Zero = SILENT!

Walking Club – a LINKS sponsored program. Students earn toe tokens for miles walked on our walking trail during recess. Weather permitting!

Wee Deliver – a LINKS sponsored program in which students, staff, and parents write letters the old fashioned way. The Stony Lane Postal Service is run by Third Grade students who gather, sort, and deliver the mail each week.

Whole Body Listening – the way staff ask the students for their full attention. It means that eyes should be on the speaker, including body facing the speaker. You may here “one two, eyes on you!”

Zeros In the Air – Anyone holding their fingers in an `0` sign reminds them to maintain a 0 level of noise (no talking). Level 1 means whispering, Level 2 means talking Zones of Regulation – a systematic, cognitive behavior approach used to teach self-regulation by categorizing all the different ways we feel and states of alertness we experience into four concrete zones: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, and BLUE (Highest to lowest).