What is the Stony Lane Outdoor Classroom?

Our Stony Lane Outdoor Classroom is unique to any other NK Elementary School. It is an amazing
resource and learning opportunity that is the direct result of parents’ vision, hard work, and dedication
for an outdoor extension of our students’ learning experiences. It requires the involvement of parents
and SL staff alike to, quite literally, grow and flourish as it is not self-sustaining, funded or maintained by
the school department and requires parent volunteers most of the year (especially in the summer) to
keep it going.
Our Stony Lane Outdoor Classroom is committed to the curiosity of the outdoors. Using nature as our
learning lab, it provides spaces for classes to explore while reinforcing curriculum. With “hands on”
enrichment activities, students are encouraged to be curious and to realize that there are no
mistakes-only growing opportunities. The Stony Lane Outdoor Classroom (SLOC) has 2 branches that are
intertwined: Classroom and Giving Gardens. The “Classroom” branch incorporates a range of activities
such as science kits, math and STEM concepts, social studies, PE, reading, and art. In fact, the most
frequent activity in the SLOC this past year was Music with Mr. Dwyer! The second branch is the “Giving
Gardens”, which is our grow-for-donation garden, feeding NK families since 2011. We are thrilled to say
that last year’s 2020 growing season produced over 780 pounds of fresh produce! The Giving Gardens is
a collaboration of our Garden Club and class enrichments activities, running through the summer and is
currently the only on campus opportunity to volunteer. It is a relaxing space where families work
together to help others and become a community. As the SLOC enters it’s 9th year, it is up to our Stony
Lane Family community to become involved in its upkeep and future direction – as it doesn’t take care of
itself or is maintained by an army of garden fairies! Come be a part of our SLOC community and this
amazing and unique resource- Summer Workdays are Tuesday 4-7pm, and Thursdays 9am-12pm.

Community Partnerships

  • URI School Garden Program since 2011
  • Katies Krop’s since 2012: empowering youth to start vegetable gardens of all sizes and donate the harvest to
    help feed people in need- 2019 School Garden of the Year
  • Compass Outreach School 2019
  • North Kingstown Food Pantry
  • Garden Foundation of RI: Grant recipient 2018,2019,2020

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