Communication Tools

In an effort to keep you well-informed and involved in your children’s education, the Stony Lane PTO has worked with the school administration to develop a variety of communication tools. Here is how we plan to use these tools to work with you:

PTO Website

One of our primary forms of communication. When & how we use:
  • Promote upcoming events
  • Be transparent with organization information
  • Archive minutes

Email Blasts

  • Communicate very specific events
  • Always try to link flyers or details back to our website link as oppose to attachments and lengthy emails

Automated Phone Calls (used by SLES)

  • Communicate a few events per year
  • Message length should be kept to around 30 seconds
  • Used for school-related events

Facebook – click to follow

  • Used to highlight upcoming events and general information
  • Note: we are mindful of privacy settings and photo permissions

Backpack Mail

  • Used to send home important information about upcoming events and general information
  • We will attempt to reduce the use of backpack mail to save paper and reduce costs; so please sign up for email updates by clicking the “Follow Blog” link to the right