Flower Bed Makeover Update!

Hello! This is an update on our how our flower bed make over went. We are over the moon on how much we accomplished in one day. I would like to firstly give a BIG BIG Shout-out to Mr. Pedro who gave us a huge head start by digging out the way over grow sea grasses. You rock Mr. Pedro! Thank you! We had 6 families participate in today clean up. (7 adults and 14 kids) Thanks so much to everyone! We worked on the beds until just about noon and managed to get all the work done. The beds were cleaned out and we moved some plants around but we are really starting from scratch. If anyone has any rose of sharon they would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated. It’s a low maintenance tree/bush. We are also in need of donations of compost, plants, and mulch. If anyone has any leads for local landscaping companies that may want to donate it would be most helpful. You can contact us at stonylanegarden@gmail.com

Once again thanks so much to everyone that came out today.

Your Beautification team 😊


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